Erectonol Reviews Proven Customer Results or Hidden Side Effects Risk

Erectonol is an erectile dysfunction supplement designed to give you rock-hard erections on command.

By taking two capsules of Erectonol daily, you can purportedly transform sexual health and performance without the side effects of little blue pills.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Erectonol lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is Erectonol?

Erectonol is a sexual health supplement marketed primarily to men with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Available exclusively online through Erectonol. com, the supplement uses an “ancient shamanic” remedy to fix ED. The remedy consists of nine natural ingredients linked to blood flow, libido, and overall sexual health and performance.

Erectonol was created by a 42-year-old truck driver named Mark Coleman. Coleman worked with a doctor named Dr. Logan Klayman and a University of Michigan researcher named Tom to refine the formula. The trio tested the formula across multiple trials, and according to the official website, it’s now been used by 120,000 men worldwide to reverse ED.

Today, Erectonol is priced at $69 per bottle as part of a 2024 promotion. Qualifying purchases also come with free shipping, free bonus eBooks, and other bonuses.

Erectonol Benefits

Some of the benefits of Erectonol include:

  • Enjoy harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Reverse ED by targeting the root cause
  • Developed in partnership with doctor and University of Michigan researcher
  • Based on ancient natural remedies and shamanic ritual
  • Nine natural, science-backed ingredients
  • Backed by 60-day satisfaction guarantee

How Does Erectonol Work?

Erectonol is based on the idea that ED “has nothing to do” with age or anything that’s going on in your head. It’s also not something you need to live with for the rest of your life.

Doctors may claim ED is a natural part of aging or that you’re too stressed to perform. Neither of these claims, however, is correct. Whether you’re 60 or 90, you could get the hardest erections of your life at any age.

The erectile dysfunction supplement works by targeting the root cause of ED: neurotransmitter imbalance. Your body uses neurotransmitters to send signals from the brain throughout the body and back. It’s your brain’s built-in communication system.

When your brain’s communication system gets mixed up, it’s called neurotransmitter imbalance. Your brain isn’t sending the signals it needs throughout your body, making it impossible to get or stay hard.

To solve this problem, Erectonol uses a “neural rebalance formula,” or NRF. It’s a series of compounds designed to resolve neurotransmitter imbalance, reversing ED and boosting sexual performance in multiple ways.

How NRF Works to Reverse ED

One of the primary goals of Erectonol is to reverse ED by using three natural ingredients in a “neural rebalance formula,” or NRF.

These three ingredients effectively rewire your brain’s circuitry, helping to fight back against erectile dysfunction. Here’s how the official Erectonol website describes it:

“Think of NRF as the perfect coordinator, ensuring all messages are delivered promptly and accurately.”

When you take this NRF, your body is ready to go at any moment. You’re ready to get hard and stay hard because your brain is communicating like it’s supposed to communicate.

The creators of Erectonol compare NRF to “turning the key” in your car’s ignition system. It turns on your body and its communication system, helping you perform as you’re supposed to perform.

By taking Erectonol daily, you can use those three ingredients — and other complementary ingredients — to reverse ED and supercharge sexual performance overall.

Who Created Erectonol? About Mark Coleman

Erectonol was created by a 42-year-old truck driver named Mark Coleman.

Mark had struggled with ED for years before finding permanent relief with the ingredients behind Erectonol. After solving his own ED with the formula, he decided to share it with the world. Today, anyone can buy Mark’s Erectonol online to enjoy similar results.

Mark and his wife, Jess, struggled with his ED for years. He couldn’t get or stay hard for his wife, and nothing seemed to help. Jess started to blame herself, and Mark’s 15-year marriage suffered.

To summarize, Mark discovered a series of natural ingredients linked to powerful ED relief. By taking these ingredients daily, men can purportedly reverse ED and supercharge sexual performance.

The Dangers of Viagra

Many doctors prescribe Viagra (sildenafil) for ED. Sildenafil relaxes blood vessels, making it easier to get and stay hard.

Mark Coleman, creator of Erectonol, received a prescription for Viagra from his doctor. Mark was hesitant to try the drug after hearing about its side effects and health risks.

Some of the risks of Viagra, according to Make’s research, include:

  • 522 deaths in the United States alone have been linked to using Viagra.
  • Viagra could increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other serious cardiovascular events.
  • The ED industry is estimated to be worth over $7.1 billion by 2025, and pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to change their formulas or address the health risks.

Instead of relying on Viagra for ED, Mark discovered a more natural solution without side effects. Today, anyone can buy that natural solution in the form of Erectonol.

Mark Coleman Discovers the Solution for ED at a Truck Stop

Mark, the 42-year-old truck driver who created Erectonol, traces the formula to a chance meeting at a truck stop.

One day, Mark pulled over at a gas station to refuel while making a delivery. He overheard someone talking about his grandfather’s sexual prowess in bed, claiming he could last longer than men half his age.

Mark asked the man how his grandpa could last so long. The man told Mark his grandpa had been “using this natural family recipe” for years to improve sexual performance. He was hesitant to share the recipe with Mark but took pity after hearing about his struggles with ED:

It was a special blend his grandmother had been making since he was young, and it was passed down from their ancestors…eventually, he agreed to share the recipe with me.

The man wrote down the ingredients on a napkin and gave it to Mark. Mark gathered ingredients from grocery stores, health food stores, online retailers, and rare sources worldwide.

What to Expect with Erectonol: Mark Coleman’s Experience

Mark spent weeks gathering the ingredients in the secret family recipe. Then, he mixed the ingredients into a smoothie and started taking it daily for ED.

Here’s what happened when Mark took the natural ingredients behind Erectonol for the first time:

  • Within a few days of taking the ingredients for the first time, Mark started to feel more energetic.
  • A few days after that, Mark started waking up in the middle of the night with a rock-hard erection. He was able to have sex with his wife again.
  • Mark claims he and his wife were able to “have sex for hours on end” after taking Erectonol. It restored his confidence and healed his marriage.
  • Mark also claims he felt more intense pleasure and greater overall energy. Plus, he stayed hard even after sex.

Erectonol Ingredients

Many nutritional supplements claim to fix ED. Some contain science-backed ingredients, while others are overhyped and backed by zero legitimate scientific evidence.

Mark is a truck driver with no formal medical or scientific experience. However, he did work with other professionals to create Erectonol. He reached out to his brother-in-law Tom, who works as a researcher at the University of Michigan. The two also partnered with Dr. Logan Klayman to refine the formula and verify the ingredients worked.

Here are all 9 of the ingredients in Erectonol and how they work, according to Dr. Klayman, Tom, Mark Coleman, and his team:

Tongkat Ali: Also known as Malaysian ginseng, tongkat ali can “increase testosterone levels” and “enhance virility,” according to the official Erectonol website. It does this by targeting the neurotransmitters in your reproductive system, allowing these neurotransmitters to reach your erections more quickly. Plus, tongkat ali enhances pleasure receptors and increases sperm count, among other benefits.

Icariin: Icariin is the active ingredient in horny goat weed. It’s a natural molecule that “stimulates blood flow and improves penile health,” according to the official Erectonol website, making sure your penis receives the oxygen and nutrients needed for optimal performance. It’s been used in traditional medicine for centuries for libido and sexual performance.

Magnesium & Zinc: According to the official Erectonol website, magnesium and zinc help with sexual health, blood flow, and overall endurance and stamina. Magnesium and zinc are two of the most important minerals for men to take. Studies show that men deficient in these two minerals tend to have much lower testosterone levels than men with sufficient levels of these minerals.

Tribulus Terrestris & Chrysin: Tribulus Terrestris and chrysin are separate plant-based ingredients, but they’re linked on the Erectonol website because of their similar effects. According to the official website, both plant extracts help neural signals reach your manhood faster.

Chinese Hawthorn, Winged Treebine, & Saw Palmetto: These three ingredients, which trace their roots to Chinese herbal medicine, create a “shield” around your reproductive system. Like horny goat weed, they’ve been used for hundreds of years as natural sexual health remedies in China. Today, all three ingredients are linked to powerful effects in formal scientific studies — including trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Overall, all nine ingredients in Erectonol are designed to eliminate ED, optimize neuron communication, and boost sexual health and performance.

What to Expect After Taking Erectonol

Taking Erectonol could target the root cause of ED, helping you optimize sexual function and overall sexual health.

Here are some of the results you could experience with Erectonol, according to the official website:

Get & Maintain Harder, Longer-Lasting Erections: Erectonol’s primary goal is to reverse ED, helping you get harder, longer-lasting erections. Whether you’ve struggled with ED for years or have only recently noticed an issue with age, Erectonol aims to help. Plus, it claims to reverse ED without prescription or over-the-counter medication. Instead, it uses natural ingredients to help with libido, blood flow, and overall sexual vitality.

Use a Neural Rebalancing Formula (NRF) to Fix Neuron Miscommunication Linked to ED: Three of the ingredients in Erectonol are considered a “neural rebalancing formula,” which means they repair your body’s natural communication pathways. These three ingredients can help send signals more accurately from your brain to your reproductive system, fixing the root cause of ED.

Increase Sperm Count & Testosterone Levels: According to the official Erectonol website, the supplement “doesn’t just increase sperm count and testosterone levels,” it also helps with premature ejaculation and other types of sexual dysfunction. If you have low testosterone or if you’re struggling to conceive, then boosting sperm count and testosterone could help. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and low testosterone levels could increase the risk of ED.

Address Premature Ejaculation: Premature ejaculation (PE) is nearly as common as ED, and many men struggle with controlling their erections and orgasms. Erectonol works differently, helping to reverse ED and address PE. You can get hard and stay hard while still maintaining control of your erection, helping you satisfy your partner in bed.

Contribute to Length & Girth: Erectonol “contributes to both the length and girth of your manhood,” according to the official website. Although Erectonol doesn’t specifically claim to increase flaccid penis size, it could help you get harder, larger erections overall, making you feel larger in bed.

Address the Root Cause of ED: Medications like Viagra (sildenafil) are like trying to fix a broken dam with a Band-Aid, according to the official website. They might temporarily help with ED, but they ignore the root cause. They fix your brain’s communication system temporarily, forcing you to rely on medication more and more. Erectonol, on the other hand, addresses the root cause of ED for long-term relief.

Recapture Joy & Self-Confidence: Many men feel a newfound confidence after taking Erectonol. Whether in a committed relationship or single, you could enjoy harder erections on command with Erectonol, giving you noticeable confidence every time you enter a room.

100% Safe & Natural: Erectonol is a “100% safe and natural” way to reverse ED, according to the manufacturer. While Viagra and other prescription medications for ED come with risks, Erectonol is safe for healthy adults to take and contains only natural ingredients.

How to Take Erectonol

Mark Coleman, the 42-year-old truck driver who created Erectonol, recommends taking two capsules of Erectonol each night before bed, continuing for 30 days for optimal effects:

  • Take two capsules of Erectonol at night with 6 to 8oz of water before going to bed
  • Repeat for a minimum of 30 days

Mark recommends a 30-day trial period because some ingredients work quickly, while others work long-term or accumulate over time. The longer you take Erectonol, the more the ingredients can go to work.

Scientific Evidence for Erectonol

Erectonol was developed by a doctor (Dr. Logan Klayman) and a University of Michigan researcher (Tom). These two, along with 42-year-old truck driver Mark Coleman, performed a clinical trial on a group of 80 men to verify that Erectonol worked as advertised. Although they disclosed limited information about the trial and how it worked, they were satisfied with the results.

Other ingredients in Erectonol are backed by third-party scientific evidence, including trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Icariin, the active molecule in horny goat weed, could help with sexual health and function. In a 2013 study, researchers found icariin had erectogenic and neurotropic effects, helping to promote sexual health overall. Specifically, researchers found a correlation between icariin usage and arterial pressure in the reproductive system, making it easier to get and stay hard. The study took place on rats — not humans.

Zinc is one of the most underrated ingredients for male health. Multiple studies have connected zinc deficiency to low testosterone. Men who don’t get enough zinc in their diet are more likely to have low testosterone — and ED — than men who get enough zinc. Erectonol contains zinc to help.

Tongkat ali is the first ingredient listed on the official website. A 2013 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that tongkat ali could help with stress hormones and overall mood. If your ED is caused by emotional imbalance, stress, or mood issues, then Tongkat Ali may be able to help.

Overall, Erectonol contains a blend of nine active ingredients linked to sexual health and performance and overall male vitality.

Erectonol Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Erectonol website features testimonials from verified customers — and their partners. Many of these reviewers have experienced significant effects soon after taking Erectonol. Some have even reversed ED for the first time in decades.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

Mark started by sharing Erectonol with a few friends and found it had a 100% success rate. He gave it to friends he knew were suffering from ED, and all of them told Mark it helped significantly.

Erectonol has an official endorsement from a urologist named Dr. Stanley Hart, who describes it as “a revolutionary step forward in the treatment of ED.”

According to the official Erectonol website, “over 120,000” people have already experienced powerful results from Erectonol, making it one of the internet’s most popular and bestselling ED supplements ever launched.

One man claims he noticed a “night and day” difference after taking Erectonol for just two weeks, finding his performance was “consistently strong” and his stamina was much better.

One woman left a review for Erectonol after her partner experienced a transformative change with the formula. She was skeptical it would work after being disappointed with other herbal remedies in the past. However, she claims a “renewed energy and connection” between her and her partner. His doctor even “commented on the positive change.”

Another customer claims Erectonol “made a substantial difference” in his overall health and vitality, giving the supplement a perfect 5-star rating.

Erectonol Pricing

Erectonol is priced at $69 per bottle for a 2024 promotion. The normal retail price is $149 per bottle.

Here’s how much you pay when ordering Erectonol online today through the official website:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + $9.99 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle) + Free Bonus eBook
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle) + 2 Free Bonus eBooks + Free Shipping

All Erectonol purchases come with a 30-day supply of 60 capsules (30 servings). You take two capsules daily to fix ED.

Free Bonus eBooks Included with Erectonol

As part of a 2024 promotion, all 3 and 6-bottle purchases of Erectonol come with one or two free bonus eBooks.

After your purchase is confirmed, you receive immediate access to the bonus eBook (or eBooks). These eBooks are collectively worth over $200.

The two bonus eBooks include:

Free Bonus eBook #1: Full Circle Fitness: Physical Vitality for Sexual Health: One of the best ways to improve sexual health is to exercise. But not all exercises work the same. In this guide, you can discover specific workouts, movements, and exercises you can perform to rejuvenate sexual health. You’ll find the crucial link between physical fitness and sexual health — including strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and other strategies to boost sexual vitality.

Free Bonus eBook #2: Beyond the Bedroom: Cultivating Intimacy & Connection: Sexual health isn’t just about physical health. It’s also about emotional connections. In this guide, you can discover bonding exercises, emotional training tips, and other proven ways to strengthen your relationship on an emotional level.

This is the best time to order and get bonuses!

Erectonol Refund Policy

Erectonol has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days. You have 60 days to try Erectonol, decide if you like it, and request a refund.

About Erectonol

Erectonol is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.

The supplement was developed by Mark Coleman in partnership with a University of Michigan researcher named Tom and a doctor named Dr. Logan Klayman. Mark heard about the ingredients behind Erectonol at a truck stop, and he worked with his brother-in-law Tom to refine the formula.

You can contact the makers of Erectonol via the following:


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